I Love My Daughter
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Share your Love For Your Daughter
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These gorgeous two piece necklace sets makes a great gift for your wonderful daughter.  They also show the world how much you love her and how proud you are of her.
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Mother & Daughter 2 Piece Necklace Sets
Set #1: The Love Between Mother & Daughter is Forever
A matching pair of necklaces for you and your daughter to proudly wear to show off your love for each other.
Set #2: Mother Daughter Best Friends Half Hearts
A set of two half hearts that form a complete heart when placed together, in the style of "best friend" necklaces.
Set #3: Mother & Daughter Loving Hearts
A set of two heart necklaces where the smaller Daughter heart fits inside the larger Mother heart necklace.
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"Gorgeous and very fast delivery."

Happy Customer, Belinda
"...I love them."
"I got two one for my Mom and one for my God Mom. I love them."
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"So sweet!..."
"So sweet! Love it!!"

Happy Customer, Vivia